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Aftercare Like a Pro

Sounds scary, but it's really very simple! I promise. I'm going to walk through all the things so that you know how to handle microblading aftercare like a pro.

The Three Main Rules

  1. Do not wet the treated area for 10 days after your procedure.

  2. Apply your Aquaphor on day 3 of the healing process.

  3. No scratching, picking, or pulling on the scabs.

Rule 1. Do Not Wet the Treated Area for 10 Days After Your Procedure.

I feel like this is the most daunting rule for most people. But, I believe in you!

I know a major concern for many is getting the brows wet in the shower. My best advice is to push the shower head as far down as it will go so that the water is angled as low as possible. Something else I usually suggest is taking a bath so that it is easier to dunk your hair back to rinse and the brows are less likely to get wet.

Sweating is something else I am often asked about. I know a lot of my brow babes stress about having to part with their work out routines for 10 days. And, I have others that are totally okay with parting with their workout routine or even welcome it (I can relate). But, you don't have to totally give up working out just because of your new brows. Just do something that won't cause excess sweating. Go on a walk rather than a run. Lift light weights rather than doing hot yoga. As long as you aren't excessively sweating, I support it!

And, then there is cleansing. If anyone asked me not to wash my face for 10 days I would think they were crazy. So, please wash your face. You are aloud to wear makeup around the treated area. To remove it, I suggest using a makeup wipe to gently work around the treated area and the rest of the face. As far as cleanser goes, use a wash cloth to apply and gently remove the cleanse. And, again, just be careful not to touch the brows when doing so.

Rule 2. Apply your Aquaphor on Day 3 of the Healing Process

In many ways, I do find the Aquaphor to be your best friend. It is important for a healing wound to maintain moisture in order to heal successfully. The Aquaphor also helps with the itching. Yes, the brows may itch a little bit. And, you and I know that doesn't quite work out for us when it comes to rule 3. So, in large part, reducing the itching is why I find the Aquaphor to be helpful.

However, I also believe that too much aquaphor can cause the pigment to expand or feather out. This results in a more powdery brow look. Which, isn't necessarily a bad thing if that is the look you are going for. But, if you are going for a more hairlike look, I suggest finding a happy medium so that we reduce the itching but still find that the strokes stay hairlike.

Day 3 is my happy medium. Once you leave your appointment, I apply a thin layer of Aquaphor to each eyebrow. This seals up the tiny cuts I have made and protects them from bacteria and debris. I usually notice that the eyebrows begin to itch on Day 3. So, using a clean applicator, apply another thin film of Aquaphor. If your brows continue to itch, apply more as needed.

Rule. 3 No Scratching, Picking, or Pulling on the Scabs

Because microblading is semi-permanent, it is important that the scabs stay in place until they naturally fall off. If they fall off too soon, the pigment could pull out with the scab, causing patchiness.

Patchiness may happen regardless of how well you care for the brows during the aftercare process. So, that is why we have a 6-8 week touch-up along with the initial treatment. At the touch-up we go over the whole brow again to darken up the pigment that did stay and fill in any patchy areas. The result is a completed and beautiful set of microbladed eyebrows!


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